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Due Diligence

Trusted Due Diligence Investigation Services | Global Security and Investigative Services

Looking for reliable due diligence investigation services? Global Security and Investigative Services is Texas’s leading private investigator and security services company. With over 15 years of experience, we are your trusted source for quality, confidential, and professional investigative results. Whether you need due diligence investigations for individuals or corporations, our elite team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering the utmost satisfaction.

Why Conduct a Due Diligence Investigation?

Due diligence investigations play a crucial role in analyzing individuals’ or businesses’ character, integrity, and reputation. Conducting a comprehensive investigation can uncover vital information related to harassment, fraud, past criminal records, or regulatory issues. This invaluable insight helps you make informed decisions by evaluating your business ventures’ costs, benefits, and risks.

Comprehensive Due Diligence Services

  1. Global Security and Investigative Services offer various due diligence investigation services tailored to your specific needs. Our investigations cover the following:
  2. Comprehensive Corporate & Personal Criminal Investigations: Unearth any criminal history, ensuring transparency and trust in your business relationships.
  3. Comprehensive Corporate & Personal Civil Investigations: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the civil background, including litigation history and potential liabilities.
  4. Driving Record History: Verify driving records to assess risk factors and potential liabilities associated with individuals.
  5. Sex Offender Registry Search: Identify any connections to sex offender databases for the safety and security of your organization.
  6. Credit History (With Consent): Evaluate financial stability and reliability by examining credit history records (with appropriate consent).
  7. Work History Including Affiliation: Verify employment history and affiliations to validate professional backgrounds.

Corporate Due Diligence Investigations

In addition to individual investigations, Global Security and Investigative Services offers this comprehensive investigations. Our corporate services include the following:

  1. Corporate Tangible Assets: Assess and evaluate the tangible assets of a corporation to make informed business decisions.
  2. Corporate Financial Assets: Examine financial assets, including investments, accounts, and holdings, to ensure transparency and mitigate risks.
  3. Licenses and Compliance: Verify licenses and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements to protect your business interests.
  4. Financial Court History: Explore financial court records to uncover any past or ongoing legal proceedings related to financial matters.Due Diligence

Make Informed Decisions with Global Security and Investigative Services

Conducting due diligence investigations is crucial when entering into mergers, acquisitions, or other significant business endeavors. Trust Global Security and Investigative Services to provide accurate, reliable, and comprehensive reports that empower you to make informed decisions. Don’t let surprises or hidden risks derail your business success—contact us today for professional due diligence investigation services.

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